Scout Trooper Life-Sized Helmet (instructions)

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Built with over 2,600 bricks, this iconic helmet replica was designed for display in your LEGO or Star Wars room.

Imperial Scout Troopers (AKA Biker Scouts) were equipped with lightweight armor that provided greater maneuverability during reconnaissance missions. They proved to be a deadly threat to the Rebellion (but not to the Ewoks...).

In case you're new to this hobby, we made a tutorial video to help guide you through the building process. And if you have any questions at all, please be sure to reach out with the "Ask a Question" box below.

Piece Count: 2,660 LEGO® bricks

Skill Level: Advanced (for dedicated fans looking for a complex building challenge)


  • Building instructions (downloadable PDF file)
  • Complete parts list (Not sure how to order the LEGO® bricks? Watch this tutorial.)

Estimated Parts Cost (USD): ~$175 USD (used) | ~$275 USD (new)

DimensionsHeight: 10.3" (262 mm) | Width: 10.4" (264 mm) | Depth: 12.5" (317 mm)

Weight: ~92.5 oz | ~2.6 kg

Disclaimer: Bricker Builds is not affiliated or endorsed by Disney or the any other Star Wars franchise creator or license holder.

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