Our Story

Welcome to Bricker Builds!

We bring passionate builders together to create awesome, life-sized sculptures with LEGO® bricks. You'll find a library of instructions for builders of all skill levels to create stunning Pokémon characters, Star Wars helmets, Marvel Super Heroes, and more with the bricks you have at home. Want to become a brick building master? You've come to the right place.

Who are we?

We are a group of experienced designers and artists teaming up to create incredible brick sculptures and share them with others. Bricker Builds is not affiliated with The LEGO Group, but our team inspires and enables creativity in much the same way.

How do we design our models?

Every build is first created as a 3D model by a talented artist. Using our Bricker software, we transform this 3D model into an accurate life-sized brick model.

From there, we use specialty pieces and building techniques to make the model as close to the original characters as possible. Finally, using Bricklink Studio, our designers turn this model into easy to follow, step-by-step building instructions.

Our process allows us to create designs that are precise, affordable, and easy to assemble.

Meet the team!

Christopher Gearhart | Owner & Lead Model Designer

Bricker Builds was launched in 2020 by Christopher Gearhart, a stop motion animator and graphics programmer formerly known for his LEGO® animation work on the YouTube channel Bricks Brought to Life! His LEGO® modeling software Bricker is what makes everything we do here at Bricker Builds possible – and most of the models we offer are designed by him.

Dave Holder | Model Designer

Designer of our massively popular Pikachu model, Dave brings over a decade of experience building life-sized sculptures for LEGO Masters, LEGOLAND® Melbourne, and more. With his talent, our models have become even cheaper, more appealing, and easier than ever to build.

Jace Summers | Lead Instruction Designer

Jace started in January of 2021 as an assistant instruction designer, but his commitment to excellence quickly became apparent and he is now leading all instruction design for Bricker Builds.

Kieran Dollarhide | Social Media Manager

Kieran joined in May of 2021, and has taken ownership over the Bricker Builds social media accounts. Her artistic and interpersonal skills bring great value for the Bricker Builds online presence as we continue to grow a community around building life-sized LEGO® sculptures.

Lewis Meeny | Model Designer

Lewis left a strong impression when he sent in his first commissioned design, the DC-17 Blasters, and has since become a valuable member of the primary model design team. His artistic talent and eye for detail have elevated the Bricker Builds designs.

Adam Nies | Freelance Content Creator

Also known as Ant Bandit on YouTube, Adam Nies is one of the lead content creators for Bricker Builds. He brings years of experience in the Film & Animation industry to build a compelling social media presence and provide engaging product photos here on the website. If you've ogled any of our models on Instagram, that's thanks to Adam!

And many others!

Bricker Builds is supported by a phenomenal group of contractors, AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO) and artists. The team is quickly expanding and we're always on the lookout for exceptional talent. Want to bring your talents to our team? Send us a message from our Contact Us page, we would love to meet you.