Mine Tools in LEGO Bricks by Bricker Builds Diamond and Stone Mining Pickaxe Tool in LEGO Bricks by Bricker Builds Stone Taller web

Mine Tools

Build your tool kit with LEGO® bricks!
Raptor Dino Egg Built with LEGO Bricks by Bricker Builds on Stone

Dinosaurs Have Hatched

Build the Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, and Twin Triceratops. FREE limited edition fossil included when you buy all three!
Blue Shell in LEGO Bricks by Bricker Builds Black Backdrop Wide

Blue Shell

Target your opponents with this new life-sized Italian Brothers build!
Hockey Puck on Ice Lice Sized Replica in LEGO Bricks by Bricker Builds
New release

Hockey Puck

Add a touch of sporting spirit to your collection or surprise a hockey-loving friend with a one-of-a-kind gift they won't find anywhere else.
Tanos White Saber Replicas designed by Bricker Builds made with LEGO Bricks
Limited edition

Tano's White Sabers

Only 8 left in stock – you will be one of just 30 people to own this exclusive design.
Best Seller

Mini Appa

Begin your brick-building adventure with this Mini Appa!
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Baseball Life-Sized Replica built with LEGO® bricks - by Bricker Builds
Build this

Life-Sized Baseball

with real LEGO® bricks
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Back in Stock

Dragon Dagger

After being sold our for nearly 4 months, the Dragon Dagger is finally back in stock!
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Dark Lord Maul

Bring the feared Sith to life with LEGO® bricks!
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Dino Eggs

Build these adorable dinosaur eggs with genuine LEGO® bricks!
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Fire Flower Life-Sized Sculpture built with LEGO® bricks - by Bricker Builds

Fire Flower

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New Release

Blue Shell

1st place watch your back – this custom Blue Shell replica is built with 1,671 LEGO® bricks, designed for fans of the go-kart racing Italian Plumber!
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