Boba Life-Sized Helmet

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To celebrate the finale of the Boba's streaming show, we redesigned our custom replica of the iconic helmet from the ground up, featuring new building techniques to accurately capture all of the details in the helmet. Among the many upgrades are customizable tally marks where you can choose from Pre-Sarlacc (yellow) or Post-Sarlacc (red), detailed texturing on the sides of the helmet, and a functioning antenna

In case you're new to this hobby, we made a tutorial video to help guide you through the building process. And if you have any questions at all, please be sure to reach out with the "Ask a Question" box below.

    Piece Count: 2,566 LEGO® bricks

    Skill Level: Intermediate (for avid fans looking for a rewarding building experience)

    Designed by: Lewis Meeny (@built_bricks) & Christopher Gearhart

    Details & Dimensions

    'Bricks & Instructions' Includes:

    • 2,566 LEGO® bricks (brand new genuine parts)
    • Building instructions (downloadable PDF file)

    'Instructions Only' Includes:

    • Building instructions (downloadable PDF file)
    • Complete Parts List (Not sure where to find the parts? Check out this tutorial to order from third party BrickLink sellers)

      DimensionsHeight: 13.7" (348 mm) | Width: 10.3" (262 mm) | Depth: 9.8" (250 mm)

      Weight: ~75.3 oz | ~2.1 kg

      Disclaimer: This product is made with genuine LEGO® bricks, but is not an official LEGO® product and is not endorsed by any franchise creator or license holder.

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