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Jurassic Collection

"Life, Uh, Finds a Way..."
Black Saber in LEGO Bricks Life-Sized on Mountain by Bricker Builds Black Saber in LEGO Bricks Life-Sized on Mountain by Bricker Builds
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Black Saber

"You are too weak to fight it. It will win if you fight against it."
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Web-Slinger Bust

“If you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it.”
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Dinosaur Eggs

Build it yourself with over 1,800 LEGO® bricks!
Pocket spheres on bush made of LEGO bricks
Gotta Build 'em all
Pocket Spheres
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Eye of Agamotto
"Dormammu, I have come to bargain" - Dr. Steven Strange
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Captain Rex Helmet
“You have to learn to make your own decisions.”
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Rick's Portal Gun
Need a quick escape? This life-sized replica comes with a light kit & display stand!
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captain america with bricker builds shield

Cap's Shield

We don't have super-soldier syrum, but we have the next best thing.

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batman cosplay throwing a bat weapon in lego bricks towards camera

As Seen on Variant Comics!

Bat-Weapon Replicas

Become the caped crusader with bat-shaped weapons inspired by the 1989 and Nolan films.

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It was only right that a real LEGO Master place his stamp of approval on Bricker Builds. The easy designs and detailed instructions make Mjolnir a must have in your collection. No other LEGO instruction site will have life-sized models that scream perfection. Great work by the team at Bricker Builds. LEGO MASTER APPROVED.

corey d samuels holding up bricker builds thors hammer mjolnir lego build
Corey D. Samuels

Bricker Builds is one of the very best things to happen to LEGO. The models they create are some of the best you'll ever see and some of my favourite things to build; I've built a number of them now. They’re a terrific activity for some much needed self-care.

paul bowman wearing baseball cap standing next to female selfie profile photo
Paul Bowman

Bricker Builds did an incredible job on [the Italian Plumber]. The build was fun, the instructions are perfect and the finished product is marvelous! If you are on the fence about purchasing a Bricker Builds set or instructions - I would highly suggest it! Best custom ever? 🤣

super lego dad holding child on his lap with card that reads I love you with a lego heart
Super LEGO Dad

I’ve never honestly seen anything like this before… the best way I can describe these models is that they look like something out of LEGOLand or the LEGO model shop. That’s how freaking good they are.

David Hall profile photo
David Hall
Solid Brix Studios

Absolutely fantastic service! The builds quality is amazing, the amount of time and effort gone into designing these amazing builds blows my mind. I purchased the Pikachu build and I couldn’t be happier, the instructions are easy to follow, clear and digital.

hayley anne bell profile photo
Hayley Anne Bell

As somebody who used his own money to get the parts for Eevee I can wholeheartedly recommend that you go check out anything Bricker Builds has to offer. I will advocate for the Pokémon especially, but that’s just because it pulls at my heartstrings.

Brian Saviano
Bricks 'O Brian