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Engage your imagination, brick by brick.

Welcome to Bricker Builds! Our intuitive building sets will show you how to assemble pop culture characters, fantasy weapons, and more with LEGO® bricks. Want to become a brick building master? You've come to the right place.

Who are we?

We are a small team of designers and artists based primarily in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to create memorable experiences with LEGO® brick sculptures for everyone. We are lifelong fans of The LEGO Group and pop culture, and we believe that only the best is good enough.

Although we are not affiliated with The LEGO Group, we seek to bring new and exciting value to this community!

How do we design our sculptures?

All of our massive sculptures are first modeled in a 3D program and converted into a detailed brick sculpture using our proprietary Bricker software.

From there, we utilize the diverse talents of our model design team to enhance the model with specialty pieces and advanced building techniques. Finally, our instruction design team designs an easy to follow, step-by-step guide showing you how to assemble the model.

Our process and the incredible team behind it allows us to create designs that are premium, affordable, and easy to assemble.

Meet the team!

Christopher Gearhart | Owner & Chief Software Developer

Bricker Builds was launched in 2020 by Christopher Gearhart, formerly known for his LEGO® animation work on the YouTube channel Bricks Brought to Life. His LEGO® brick modeling software Bricker makes everything we do here at Bricker Builds possible. His mission is to inspire others, grow leaders and creatives, provide for his team and bring new and exciting value to the LEGO® community.

Jace Summers | Marketing & Content Manager

Joining the team in January of 2021, Jace started out as our lead instruction designer, setting the quality standard high with his commitment to a great building experience. Jace is now overseeing content creation, pursuing new and exciting ways to show off our models through photo and video.

James Nunnally | Product Manager

James first joined the Bricker Builds team in early 2021 to help out with chemical bonding projects (i.e. gluing models for travel). Having quit his job to pursue the Bricker Builds mission full-time, he now oversees product development, pursuing new and exciting product innovations, coordinating model releases, and much more.

Dave Holder | Model Designer

Designer of our many of our most popular models, Dave brings over a decade of experience building life-sized sculptures for LEGO® Masters, LEGOLAND® Melbourne, and more. With his talent, our models have become even more affordable, more appealing, and easier than ever to build.

Brian Saviano | Activations & Partnerships Consultant

Brian is a rockstar in the LEGO® community. You may know him as published author of Pro Gamers Guide to Healthy Habits or host on the Beyond the Brick YouTube channel. Brian has been a supporter of Bricker Builds since we first launched, reviewing our builds and sharing them on his streams, and most recently spearheading the vibrant Bricker Builds Discord community and managing our influencer partnerships.

Tirzah Summers | Social Media Specialist

Tirzah joined the Bricker Builds team in May of 2022 with an extensive history as a LEGO® and pop culture fan, and standout skill as a graphic designer and artist. She brings a welcoming, engaging voice to the Bricker Builds social media accounts, and helps to ensure the quality of our content. As inspired by The LEGO Group, only the best is good enough.

Aaron Crumbley | Convention Manager

Aaron Crumbley took the leap from the film industry into our mission of creating memorable experiences with LEGO® brick sculptures for everyone. Aaron is a genuine, trustworthy, and capable leader for our convention team, and we hope you get the chance to meet him at a Bricker Builds booth experience near you.

Jeddi Tso | Product Specialist

Bringing a beloved enthusiasm for the LEGO® community and our team, Jeddi excels in a role he was born for. He oversees model displays and transportation, and assists in the product design and development process. He caught the eye of the team after creating a YouTube video where he designed a life-sized Video Game Sword, and mentioning at the end of the video, "Bricker Builds, if you're watching this, hire me."

Tyler DeSilva | Model Designer & Instruction Designer

Tyler is a talented brick artist who embodies the brand's commitment to excellence. His eye for detail shows in the quality of his instructions, and his model design debut with the Nolan & 1989 Bat-Weapons was a huge success. Since then, Tyler has created many of our popular products including the Mini Angry Bomb, Mini Appa, Dino Eggs, and more.

And many others!

Bricker Builds is supported by a phenomenal group of contractors, AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO) and artists. The team is quickly expanding and we're always on the lookout for exceptional talent. Want to bring your talents to our team? Send us a message from our Contact Us page, we would love to meet you.