Pikachu Life-Sized Sculpture

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"Pikachu use thunderbolt!" This electric-type Pokemon stores energy in its cheeks. Pikachu has powerful battling abilities but also makes for a loyal partner and friend.

This model was designed by Dave Holder, an exceptionally talented LEGO artist with years of experience designing life-sized, beautiful sculptures out of LEGO bricks. If you’re a fan of the LEGO Masters show – you may recognize his work in the set decorations and in planning the challenges for the Australian version of the show! 

Parts Needed: 2483 (+baseplate recommended for build process)


  • Full Pikachu PDF Instructions File
  • Parts List XML File

Estimated Parts Cost: ~$260 (new) | ~$125 (used)


Height: 19" (482 mm) | Width: 15.7" (398 mm) | Depth: 13.2" (335 mm) |*

*dimensions are approximate values

Disclaimer: Bricker Builds is not affiliated or endorsed by Gamefreak, Nintendo, or the any other Pokémon or Mario franchise creator or license holder.

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