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Vous voulez offrir un cadeau sans forfait qui conviendra à tout le monde ? Les cartes-cadeaux électroniques Bricker Builds sont là !

Offrez en cadeau une expérience de construction mémorable avec nos cartes-cadeaux numériques, envoyées par e-mail à l'acheteur. À partir de là, vous pouvez le faire suivre ou programmer la livraison pour que le timing soit parfait !

Les 3 principales raisons d'acheter une carte-cadeau électronique Bricker Builds :

  • Laissez-les découvrir l'excitation de choisir leur(s) ensemble(s) préféré(s) pour se construire avec des briques LEGO® !
  • C'est simple:pas de date d'expiration, de taxe, de frais ou de frais d'expédition
  • Partagez votre e-carte cadeau avec un code échangeable envoyé immédiatement lors de l'achat

If you purchase the bricks through us, you'll be getting brand new, official LEGO® bricks.

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bricker builds lego mario build on steps next to lego toad build

Why choose Us?

Premium Design

Our models are sturdy, affordable, and hand crafted by passionate LEGO® brick artists. Every Bricker Builds model is held to the same high quality standard using brand new, genuine LEGO® bricks.

Why Choose Us?
Easy to Build

Our instructions are intuitive for all skill levels – whether you're a seasoned builder or you've never touched a LEGO® brick before. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself by scrolling through these preview instructions!

woman sitting on steps next to eevee bricker builds lego build and holding poke ball bricker builds lego build

Why Choose Us?

Great Customer Service

We treat our customers how we would want to be treated. If you have an issue or question, just send us an email! We are committed to making every order with us a great experience.

Got Questions? We've got Answers!

This custom product was designed by a team of passionate LEGO® fans and artists, and is built with genuine, brand new LEGO® bricks. It is not in any way an official LEGO® product and is not endorsed by any franchise creator or license holder.

By purchasing this model you are supporting a team of fans and designers just like you, whose mission is to create awesome LEGO® sculptures we would want to build ourselves and make them available to everyone.

Our instructions are intuitive for all skill levels – whether you're a seasoned builder or you've never touched a LEGO® brick before. Every instruction manual is designed in-house by our team of experienced professionals, and is rigorously tested for quality to ensure every step is easy to follow.

But don't take our word for it, see for yourself by scrolling through the preview instructions for the "Eon" Pocket Monster above!

Every model ships with brand new, genuine LEGO® bricks sourced from real LEGO® sets!

Absolutely! We have a contact form at our Contact Us page, and you can also chat with us on Instagram through DMs if you would like!

Many questions can also be answered in our Discord community server where fans, builders, and nerds alike gather to talk about the latest in LEGO, fandom, and Bricker Builds news. You will also gain exclusive access to early releases, sneak peaks, and exclusive live streams with designers and Bricker Builds team members. Hope to see you there!

They sure will! All of the parts in your build will be sorted into numbered bags so that you can focus on one section at a time. This way every piece will be easy to find and you can take the build in stages.

If you see a light kit in the product photos (such as the Mosquito in Amber or the Fire Lizard sculpture) and the light kit is listed under the "Details and Dimensions" tab below the product photos, that light kit will ship out for FREE with your purchase! Batteries will not be included with your kit due to international shipping restrictions; check the "Details and Dimensions" dropdown below the product photos for more on which batteries you will need.

We are constantly working to keep our prices as affordable as possible. We are not affiliated with The LEGO® Group, and every brand new LEGO® element in your set has been gathered from real LEGO® sets, which are then sorted for you and packaged together with quality materials and even a note from the designer. That feeling when you open the sealed bag with your Bricker Builds kit inside – that will be a memorable moment for you and your loved ones. It takes a lot of love and care for a product to provide a memorable moment like that, and that's exactly what we are committed to.