Insomniac Web-Shooter made of LEGO® bricks

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The Amazing Bricker Builder

We're introducing two new wieldable super hero themed builds to the Bricker Builds line-up: the Amazing Web-Shooter and the Insomniac Web-Shooter! Our newest designer, Jeddi Tso, wanted to recreate two different iterations of the web-head's iconic web-shooters – the Insomniac Web-Shooter comes from the mechanism that Peter Created in the Marvel's Spider-Man Game, while the Amazing Web-Shooter took its inspiration from Peter Parker's web-shooter in the Amazing Spiderman Movie.

Our Amazing Web-Shooter is our first projectile launching model (reliably tested, but definitely NOT on people). It includes a small, spring-loaded LEGO® projectile that can be launched via a pressure point on the device. Fear not, this build isn't one and done as it can be easily reloaded in – all the best superheroes are recycling these days. This model can also be worn on the go, with an adjustable LEGO® bracelet to allow anyone to wield the build! 


Amazing Web-Shooter made of LEGO® bricks


Our next web-shooter may not launch any projectiles – parents can breathe a sigh of relief – but it still packs a punch (stylistically)! The Insomniac Web-Shooter can also be worn utilizing the same adjustable LEGO® bracelet, and it includes the classic hero whose web-shooter just jammed vibe. The web-shooter comes with a plastic web sticking out of the device, as if frozen in mid-launch (technical malfunctions, happens to the best of us).

Here is a quote straight from the designer himself!

"My favorite detail on the model is the silver ingots on the sides of the replica. They really bring the look of the brick-slinger's iconic gadget to life!"
-Jeddi Tso (The Amazing Bricker Builder)? 

Insomniac Web-Shooter made of LEGO® bricks

So whether you're looking to add a new decorative build to your display or are looking to bring a new wieldable LEGO® brick addition to your next heroic outing, these builds are perfect for you. In our preliminary testing, we found that the Amazing Web-Shooter isn't the best tool from saving people falling from tall buildings...too soon?

Before you take off on your next heroic quest, remember these wise parting words:

Web Shooters come with great power, and even greater responsibility––to not hit others in the face with their brick-projectiles!

Do you have what it takes to build one? 

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