Iron Man Got a Nose Job

Iron Man Got a Nose Job

"Iron Man's an idea. Ever changing. And limited only by our imagination..." 
-Tony Stark: Iron Man Vol 1 #1, Dan Slott, 2018

When we asked our followers on Instagram and Facebook which model they'd like to see next, Iron Man won the vote and became one of our most highly anticipated releases. After months of hard work culminated in the long anticipated model release, we were surprised to hear that many of you were unable to see past a very prominent feature on our latest design...

iron man helmet replica in lego bricks with critiqued gonzo nose

We heard you loud and clear...

"Why does Iron Man have a Squidward nose?"
"If Gonzo was Iron Man..."
"Fix the Nose!"

We heard the overwhelming feedback, assembled our team, and we hurried back to the drawing board. Our team was committed to perfecting this fan voted model and capturing the likeness of one of our favorite super heroes, so we worked quickly to fix the nose area. See the improved version, which has replaced the original design, below:


iron man mark 3 helmet in lego bricks comparison improved nose


For those of you who already purchased the original design prior to this update – you'll get the bricks (& the instructions) for the updated design as well!

If you haven't purchased the model yet and are interested in the new design, you can find the helmet (and Tony's Arc Reactor) in our Super Hero Collection! The helmet is built with 2,645 genuine, LEGO® bricks and stands at 12.3" tall (312 mm). The build also comes with a custom Light My Bricks light kit to make your finished build stand out in any collection!

You can also build our brand new Tony Stark Arc Reactor Replica, displayed on the memorable stand gifted to him by Pepper Potts in the first film.

We'd like to thank you all for your feedback with this model! We hope you enjoy the changes we've made, and that you enjoy the new builds we have scheduled to release this year!

Love you 3000.

-The Bricker Builds Team


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