Bricker Enquirer: Plumber Fears Mini Build Invasion!

Bricker Enquirer: Plumber Fears Mini Build Invasion!

"Mamma Mia!"

The Italian Plumber 

Our team here at the Bricker Enquirer have gotten wind of an exciting story from the Italian Brothers today. According to the plumbing duo, the team at Bricker Builds has been hard at work planning a celebration for Mar10 week. Beginning on March 4th, deals will drop that the brothers fear may skew the balance between them and the Angry Enemies.

"It's-a crazy! They want to give out gifts with purchases – but the gifts are all angry builds!"
- The Italian Plumber

According to the Italian Ghost Hunter – who, after some gentle encouragement from his brother, went undercover as a pile of bricks in the Bricker Builds head office – the team has two angry Gifts with Purchase that they plan to run from March 4th until March 11th.

We're told the first free gift will apply to any order over $120 USD – a free Mini Angry Bomb with your purchase,  ("WaAaAahh" – input from the Italian Ghost Hunter when asked for a statement on this news).

Mini Angry Bomb with Angry Bomb in background (both made of LEGO® bricks)
"I'm about to explode...with excitement for March 4th."
-Mini Angry Bomb

With orders over $260 USD, builders will receive an additional free Mini Angry Block – a worrisome combination of angry builds that has the brothers concerned for the chaos they could cause.

Mini Angry Block with full-size Angry Block in background, both made of LEGO® bricks.
The Mini Angry Block declined to comment on their upcoming role in the Bricker Builds promotion, but he did agree to pose for their photograph.

According to the Italian Plumber, there is still some hope to prevent an invasion of mini angry builds. In addition to these free gifts with purchase, the Bricker Builds team also plans to discount the Italian Brothers next week! Build one of these life-sized plumbers to aid the fight against the angry enemies (though we've been told that some of the life-sized Angry Enemies may also be discounted).

The Italian Plumbers also overheard plans to add all of the previously released mini builds from this collection to their website. The Mini Mushrooms, Mini Flowers, and a NEW Blue Mushroom will all be available on March 4th! While the Italian Brothers and their friends anxiously await March 4th, we will be on the lookout for the next hot story. 

"It could'a be game-over for us. I'm not the young build I used to be – that's-a lot of little angry builds to beat."
- The Italian Plumber

Stay tuned for the next breaking news from the Enquirer – did the Mark III Helmet get a nosejob? 

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