And That's a Wrap! ‚ú®ūüď∑ ‚ú®

And That's a Wrap! ‚ú®ūüď∑ ‚ú®

Should auld brick-quaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?
-For Auld Brick Syne

The New Year is here and with it the team at Bricker Builds plans to ring in a year's worth of new and exciting builds for you to enjoy. While there's plenty to look forward to in 2024, our builds of years past aren't resigned to Auld Lang Syne just yet!

Before we hurry off into the new year, take a moment to stroll through memory lane with us. Our Retro Instant Camera has captured some great¬†stories from 2023 ‚Äď and all of these builds are¬†eager to share their 2024 chapter with you!

Cap cosplayer standing beside Cap's Shield made of LEGO¬ģ bricks

Our¬†first venture saw one of our most classic builds get lost to time (for a bit, anyway!). Our designers were testing out the new Portal Gun¬†when¬†suddenly Cap's Shield was flung into 1943! Our team may have lost their bricks a bit over this little slip, but the shield ended up back in its rightful time in the end ‚Äď and with a¬†nice photo too!

Dark Lord Vader and Luke cosplayer battling with sabers made of LEGO¬ģ bricks
Over the summer our team took it upon themselves to test out our sabers In a Galaxy Far Away. The results? Dark Lord approved! (though we won't be challenging any dark lords to brick-saber duels in 2024...we really can't afford to lose another builder to a trilogy-long hero's journey.)

Adamantium Claws made of LEGO¬ģ bricks cutting fruitcake

And of course we had to end the year by testing out¬†a new build at our annual Bricksmas party! The Adamantium Claws¬†are a guaranteed hit ‚Ästthough sadly even they can't¬†spice up the dreaded holiday fruitcake...

All in all it was a memorable year that we'll certainly never forget ‚Äď and¬†it wouldn't have been possible without your support! Thanks for being a part of our journey in 2023. We can't wait¬†to share more builds with you this year!

Share your 2023 brick-ventures with us in the comments below (or¬†over on our¬†Instagram¬†and¬†Discord). And stay tuned for more blog posts in 2024 ‚Äď there will be a new post once every two weeks!¬†

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