The Party Piñata's Guide to a Brick-tastic Bash!

The Party Piñata's Guide to a Brick-tastic Bash!

"Life is a party and I'm the piñata."

The Party Piñata has just landed in the Bricker Builds store and wants to party with you! But before you accept their invitation you'll need to follow their guide to hosting a successful brick bash.

1.) Absolutely no bats, sticks, or pickaxes are permitted on the party premises. No exceptions.

2.) Buy extra snacks for the party – it is essential that you don't run out of loot. Otherwise the party-goers may get strange ideas about your guest of honor (me).

3.) The songs "Dale Dale Dale" and "I Want Candy" are absolutely forbidden. Don't get any funny ideas about my role here....

4.) The following phrases bring bad vides to the party and are not allowed:
      a.) "Make it rain!"
      b.) "The party isn't lit till the piñata gets hit."
      c.) "Let's crack one open."

Party Piñata made of LEGO® bricks
"Don't go breaking my heart."

Now that you've got the guide, you'll need to RSVP to get the brick bash started! To RSVP, simply add the Party Piñata to your cart and checkout your new build. Soon all 289 brand new, genuine LEGO® bricks will be on their way to you and you can put this party animal together. And there's no need to worry over the assembly – this party expert is a beginner build!

We hope you have a smashing good time at your next brick bash (though not literally, of course)!

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