Build Your Own Life-Sized Mario with LEGO Bricks!

Build Your Own Life-Sized Mario with LEGO Bricks!

EDIT: Where Did Mario and the Pokémon Go? Read this article for more information following a takedown notice (click here).

"It's a me Mario!" This iconic character has been fighting Bowser, stomping mushrooms, and kicking Koopa Troopas since his debut in Super Mario Bros in 1985. You can now bring him to life with LEGO® bricks at an incredible scale.

On July 20th, Bricker Builds announced that Mario and the Power-Up Mushroom are available for purchase. Mario is built with nearly 5,000 bricks and stands over 2 feet (731 mm) tall, making it the largest model on the Bricker Builds store. The Power-Up Mushroom is built with 783 bricks and stands 8" (203 mm) tall. Pick up the Super Mario Mushroom at the Bricker Builds store and display them together!

Mario is Bricker Builds' newest product, adding to their library of other life-sized sculptures, which includes Pikachu, Captain America's Shield, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, and many more! For those new to using custom instructions, or even LEGO in general, we have created tutorials to help you bring these models to life at this impressive scale.

*Brand New LEGO bricks are only provided with the Bricks & Instructions variant

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